Don't let the next generation of home buyers pass you by

We help you ensure your company is on the path to success with future buyers. We can help if you need to:

Align Around the Customer Experience

Let us help align your company around creating memorable experiences for your buyers.
Customer Journey Mapping
Vision Alignment
Strategic Planning

Understand Your Customer Experience

Stop guessing what your buyers are thinking. We do the research so you can know for sure.
Buyer Experience Research
On-site Experience Shopping
Usability Testing

Improve Your Customer Experience

Don’t wait for the competition. Let us help you start creating memorable experiences.
Unified Customer Profiles
Personalized Inbound / Media
Nurturing / Automation Workflows
Online Sales (Concierge) Programs

Monitor & Manage Your Experience

To consistently deliver great experiences you need the right processes and people. 
Voice of the Customer Programs
Metrics & KPIs
Voice of the Employee Programs
Cultural Adoption

  • “We continue to be impressed by their strategic focus and customer service, and we consider Bokka a key partner…they truly are a leader in their field.”

    – Mark Wilson, President, London Bay Homes

  • “I am happy to report that, with the help, creativity, knowledge, and dedication of the entire Bokka team…we beat our sales goal.”

    – Jessica Champlin, Director of Marketing, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

  • “I was a little wary at first because it was all new, but with your team’s help it has been a very easy transition and takes a lot of the stress off of everyone because things are often done ahead of schedule, which makes my life much easier.”

    – Liz Reuth, Digital Strategy Manager, Neal Communities

  • “Thank you for always looking out for Wayne Homes, for always wanting the best for us! Your knowledge, advice and guidance has been invaluable and is the main reason we are performing so well.”

    – Maurie Jones, VP/Marketing, Wayne Homes

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