The process of Agile Marketing

We use a slightly different way of managing projects called Agile Marketing. If you’re not familiar, it’s another way of saying we start small and test often, breaking the process into manageable pieces.


Goal-based and user-centric

Agile Marketing is a process of continuous improvement. It focuses on fusing marketing goals with digital design and development, and it allows the us to test theories and run experiments to find out what actually works best for the customer.

Faster to launch

Agile Marketing starts with a shorter design period prior to launch. After launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), usability testing, A/B tests, and improvements are made over time as iterations. We are constantly improving based on data and feedback from the people using it.

ROI-based investment

By implementing Agile methodology and beginning with a Minimum Viable Product we are able to start smaller and iteratively build up to produce a better, more optimized final solution. With every iteration, the solution evolves to maximize ROI, user engagement, and brand loyalty. This is done the shortest amount of time while minimizing costs.

Our Methodology

To give you an idea what it looks like to work with us, here’s a macro-to-micro overview of our process for delivering exceptional customer experiences (and results) for builders and realty groups.

Goal based marketing

Annual Plan

We start every engagement with a deep-dive discovery session to learn what challenges lie ahead in the coming year. We discuss the business value of each solution and develop a general plan of attack. We put this in the form of SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-bound) and work with you to prioritize them based on your schedule and budget.

Quarterly Release Plan

Next, we’ll review our plan and decide what should be tackled during the next 90 days. We understand projects and priorities change throughout the year. Planning a Quarterly Release gives us the flexibility to shift our focus to new or higher-priority items as needed. We’ll work with you to develop a wish list, or backlog, that outlines and prioritizes your objectives. We’ll then recommend a solution with scope and budget options to choose from.

Monthly Sprints

With scope and budget in place, we now form our monthly sprint cycle. High-impact backlog items are selected, detailed, and scheduled for production. Once complete, we’re ready to publish our work and (where appropriate) tell the world. To ensure the highest level of knowledge transfer, we have a quick sprint retrospective that outlines what went well, what didn’t, and any new feedback we’ve obtained from our audience.

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