The Bokka Group Brings the Ritz-Carlton to Home Building

Bokka Group brings their Ritz-Carlton partnership to the BDX Summit: The Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience in Austin, TX.

Last week, in a larger effort to encourage the home building industry to see the importance and opportunity in improving the customer experience, the Bokka Group brought their Ritz-Carlton partnership to the BDX Summit: The Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience in Austin, TX.

Keynote speaker, Joseph Quitoni, Corporate Director at the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, shared philosophies, gold nuggets, strategies and, stories of profound experiences that make the Ritz-Carlton synonymous with memorable customer service experiences. Bringing some audience members to tears and others to their feet in ovation, Quitoni brought much-needed perspective into what the customer experience means to the home building industry.

“We hope this insight will become a catalyst for the change this industry so desperately needs,” says Jimmy Diffee, Co-Founder/Creative Director at the Bokka Group, who welcome Quitoni to the stage with a brief introduction about the Age of the Customer and highlighted the fact that those who are not willing to invest in the experience today will quickly be left behind.

“We have been missing the mark in so many ways with our customer experience,” confided one executive attendee. “What the Ritz-Carlton and the Bokka Group shared with us today has made me rethink everything we’ve been doing and realize that I need to set new priorities moving forward,” shared a CEO.

While inspiring the audience with heart-warming stories, Quitoni emphasized the importance of empowering every employee, with not just their (job) function, but their purpose (to create memorable customer experiences). These are the people, like it or not, that hold a brand in the palm of their hand. They can tarnish it or make it shine it within seconds of every customer interaction. It’s not one person or one department. It’s not exclusive to a customers’ stage in their journey. Quitoni shared exclusive Ritz-Carlton service strategies and the framework to create memorable customer experiences. He continued to encourage all attendees to begin today, by developing a written service statement for their company.

Diffee summarizes it well, “It is time that this industry and those who have the power to make change take a deep look into ways to make every day interactions memorable, by finding those defining moments and ways to delight customers.”

Leveraging Ritz-Carlton’s rich legacy of customer service excellence, the Bokka Group brings industry-exclusive best practices and the Ritz-Carlton’s tradition of superior customer experiences to the home building industry. The Bokka Group’s partnership with the Ritz-Carlton includes speaking engagements and private client workshops. For more information on upcoming engagements or to bring a workshop to your company or event, contact Paula Huggett at the Bokka Group: (720) 889-3741 or hello(at)bokkagroup(dot)com.

About the Bokka Group

At the Bokka Group, there is a fundamental belief that the current home buying experience is unsustainable. From advanced research uncovering motivation behind a customers path-to-purchase, to evaluating the entire customer life-cycle experience, the Bokka Group is in the business of improving the home buying experience for every buyer, every builder, every day.

The Bokka Group offers a wide range of services to attract, engage, nurture, convert, optimize, and manage prospective new home buyers throughout their entire new home journey. With a legacy of extraordinary success in prospect cultivation and lead conversion, Bokka offers proven solutions that are second to none.