Usability Testing for Home Builders & Realty Groups

Usability testing allows us to identify strengths, as well as areas of opportunity to improve your web site or other digital investment. The results of the our user tests will allow you to:

  • Prioritize innovation and technological investments
  • Determine ways to improve the user experience
  • Identify opportunities for conversion improvement
  • Easily understand and share data about your customers’ online experiences

We start with a testing plan

We’ll collaborate with stakeholders to determine metrics and objectives of a successful customer experience, and align them with company goals. We’ll then develop a Testing Plan for maximizing the impact of data we collect, while minimizing waste (in other words: testing the right things from the very beginning). The Testing Plan will identify key user scenarios, demographics/ devices, critical user tasks, survey questions, competitors, and conversion funnels.

By giving this context for your audience and framing the user testing in a way that directly speaks to company goals, it ensures we’re able to gain support from stakeholders and executives for all initiatives to come.

What types of data do we collect?

Quantitative: Assessment

We’ll assess your Google Analytics data to better understand what users are currently doing on your site and assess areas of high opportunity (e.g. high-traffic, high bounce, landing pages, conversion pages, etc.). We’ll also use this to benchmark conversion rates, whenever possible.

Quantitative: Testing & Observation

We’ll create snapshots of user activity on high-opportunity pages. Includes: engagement maps (clicks/taps, scrolling, etc.) for mobile, desktop and tablet. We’ll also collect (up to 2,000) visitor recordings of actual user sessions throughout the web site including mouse movements, clicks and taps. We also track user interactions with your forms to assess completion rates, form field drop-offs and submissions.

Qualitative: Testing & Observation

We’ll use demographics from the Testing Plan to recruit targeted users to interact with your web site in a task-based environment. We’ll provide annotated video recordings of each session (desktop, mobile and tablet), which usually lasts between 20-60 mins. Each user session includes approximately 10-20 tasks where users talk about what they’re experiencing and answer questions about each (e.g. “Find a home in X neighborhood and talk about what you like/dislike.”). Competitive analysis included.

We also collect user feedback throughout your web site to identify users’ pain points in order to improve mobile, tablet, and desktop site experiences.

Sound like something you’re interested in?

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