Customer Experience Evaluation

We’ve developed the industry’s only evaluation to assess and benchmark the home buying and building experience. If you’re not sure how your experience compares to other builders in the industry, this evaluation is for you.

We call it the “Home Buying Experience Evaluation” and it’s more than just an assessment of your organization. It’s a comprehensive evaluation designed for top home builders to assess the customer experiences they are creating for their buyers, and see how they compare to other leading builders in the industry.

Customer Experience is a trending buzzword these days, but at the Bokka Group it’s something we’ve been passionate about researching and improving for many years. And this evaluation is the only one of its kind available to home builders, backed by industry-leading research and proven methodologies developed by the Bokka Group.

This evaluation is critical to assessing your experience. Below is the model:

Home builder evaluation model

Why is it important?

It provides a roadmap for improving your customer experience at each stage of the buyer’s journey.


It aligns your team and customers around your true USP.


It uncovers hard truths about how you deliver on your brand promises (and what you should do about it).


It’s how we find the best builders in the industry to work with.


How does it work?

  1. We come to you, and spend time onsite assessing your processes from the perspectives of key team members. We also identify market/product differentiators, core values, customer base and competitive landscape.
  2. While we’re there, we secret shop your sales environment to see what the sales experience is really like from the customer’s perspective.
  3. Offsite, we conduct user-experience research with current prospects and recent buyers to identify how well your buyers perceive the entire experience of shopping, buying and building with you, as well as living in the homes you’ve built.
  4. We analyze all the data and present findings and recommendations to key team members in 3 concise yet comprehensive presentation boards.

What are the benefits?

  • You get real insight into why your customers buy (and don’t buy) from you
  • Get valuable feedback from your key team members as to how to improve the processes.
  • Knowing how your experience compares to others in the industry
  • A foundation for establishing your future as a customer experience leader
  • You will have a roadmap for improving your customer experience at each stage of the buyer’s journey, from the time they first hear about you to the last warranty request (and beyond).

Identify organizational silos

Designed to cut through departmental silos to paint a clear picture of your organization.


Insight you can't get on your own

We ask the right questions to the right people, in a safe environment for honesty.


Get buy-in across the board

Evaluation is conducted in a way that creates buy-in from key team members.


Benchmark your performance

See how your experience measures up to other home builders.

Want to know how this can work for you?