Home builders: participate in the next Conversion Study

This is a nationwide study we conduct annually with Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly NAHB Research Center) and we are looking for new builder participants this year.

As a builder participant, you will receive an advance copy of the report, as well as exclusive insight into the technologies that converted your prospects into buyers. Your customized data segment will be a wealth of custom information that can be utilized in your on-going digital efforts. And it is great to see how your personal numbers change year over year.

Home Builder Participant Report

Your buyers could be a part of next year’s study. If selected, you get a customized report with your buyer insights.

Learn from your buyers:

  • What attracts them to your web site
  • What influences them to become leads
  • What methods they prefer to set appointments
  • The most influential sales center technologies

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participate in the study

Frequently asked questions

I would like a high-level summary of what will be done, and how it will benefit me as a builder. Can you help me with that?

What is done for each builder who participates:

  • Builder provides list of buyers who purchased a new construction home during the previous year
  • List is sent to 3rd party research company for the exclusive use of fielding the study.
  • An email is sent to the buyer list asking them to participate in a 9 min web survey (2 reminder emails are also sent to those who did not open the email)
  • Data is compiled and individual results are shared with the builder.
  • Cumulative results are used to create the new edition of Home Builder Conversion Report. Builder data is kept anonymous.

How it benefits the builder:

  • Get insight into what digital tools are most influential to sales funnel conversions (visitors, leads, appointments, sales)
  • Get real data to support investment initiatives for these tools
  • See how your buyer data compares to industry averages


Will we be able to send out an email ahead of time, indicating to our buyers that the survey is coming, who it’s coming from, and that we approve of the project? It might help increase participation.

You’re more than welcome to send an email in advance. So you can see what the buyers will be getting, we will forward you the email that’s being sent, which will have your name on it, as well as the name of the 3rd party fielding company. This will then link to the web survey. We can control when the email goes out, and we recommend it go out on Tuesday morning if possible, as response rates tend to be higher then. If not, then we can send it Wednesday or Thursday, but we would not recommend sending on Friday or Monday.

Are you asking for full contact information, or just name and a phone number/email/etc.?

We simply need the names and email addresses, as a CSV file or similar.

Will we be able to talk to someone (regarding our individual results in relation to the whole) and get some advice on best courses of action to take based on the results, as part of our participation?

We can give you insight into how the data compares, and what it means relative to other builders historically. Regarding advice on courses of action, we do offer consulting services which we’d be happy to share with you. The research we conduct is one component of our business, whereas working with builders such as yourself is the primary focus of our business at the Bokka Group.

Participate in the 2017/2018 Conversion Report