Builder Evaluation

How do you measure up?

Are your processes for marketing, selling and building homes in perfect alignment? As a digital generation of buyers demands a better home buying experience, are you prepared to deliver it?

These are big-picture questions which require careful analysis to accurately answer. We have defined a systematic approach to evaluate your company in 3 key areas: Builder Processes, Brand Perception and Buyer Experience. Our diagnostic framework allows us to assess the performance of each and understand how it affects your buyer’s journey from marketing impression to loyal customer.

This is no ordinary evaluation

Once complete, you will know exactly how you compare to other leading home builders. You may decide to implement the findings and recommendations on your own, or you can continue to attack the business objectives with us as your trusted advisors. In either case, this critical tool will be set you on your path to a better process, stronger brand presence and ultimately an improved customer experience.  If you choose to move forward with us, you’ll join a cadre of top builders who find that our management and execution pay for themselves through objective-based strategies aligned with your business goals.

What’s included in the Evaluation

Our assessment tools include user experience research with your current prospects and recent buyers, an in-depth 30 day digital audit and ad spend analysis, onsite “Experience Shopping” of key sales centers, as well as extensive onsite interviews with key business leaders to ensure top-down alignment. The results are then assembled into a findings report which we present to your team in an easy-to-understand format, along with an objective-based plan for the future.







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