New Home Buyer Conversion Study

Find out what makes your prospects convert to buyers.

For a very limited time we’re accepting requests to participate in the updated conversion study. This is the only study of its kind to find out: 

  • What attracts prospects to a particular builder’s web site? (Impression-to-Visitor Conversions)
  • What web site components influence prospects’ decisions to give their personal info? (Visitor-to-Lead Conversions)
  • What online tools/components influence prospects’ decisions to visit a sales center/model home? (Lead-to-Appointment Conversions)
  • What digital tools within a sales center influence prospects’ decision to buy? (Appointment-to-Sale Conversions)

To see the findings from the most recent study, view the 2012 New Home Buyer Conversion Report - prepared by the Bokka Group, conducted by the NAHB Research Center.

Get exclusive access to the next Conversion Report. Act by November 19.

We’re only accepting builder requests to participate until November 19, 2013. As a participant, you will receive an advance copy of the report and exclusive insight into the technologies that converted your prospects into buyers. Simply complete the form below and if your request is approved – we will ask you to provide a list of your recent buyers. Our research affiliate will reach out to them on your behalf to participate in the study. WE WILL NOT CONTACT THEM FOR ANYTHING other than to request their participation.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Research: 2012 Home Buyer Conversion Report